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Organs of the Bezirkstag

Bezirkstag Oberpfalz (legislative period 2018/2023):

7 CSU, 3 Freie Wähler, 2 SPD, 2 Grüne, 1 FDP, 1 DIE LINKE, 2 AFD
Bezirkstag President: Franz Löffler (CSU)
Deputy of the Bezirkstag Vicepresident: Thomas Thumann (FW) 
Additional deputy: Lothar Höher (CSU)

Desk officers:
Desk officer for cultural affairs: Richard Gaßner (SPD) 
Desk officer for inclusion: Johann Renter (CSU) 
Desk officer for fishing and environment: Thomas Ebeling (CSU)

Committees of the Bezirkstag Oberpfalz:

  • District committee
  • Social welfare committee
  • Cultural committee
  • Accounting committee

Members of the Bezirkstag Oberpfalz 
(legislative period 2018/2023)

Franz Löffler, Bezirkstag President (CSU)
Thomas Thumann, Vice President, Neumarkt i. d. OPf. (FW)
Lothar Höher, Vice President, Weiden i.d. OPf. (CSU)

CSU: Toni Dutz, Wiesau, Thomas Ebeling, Schwandorf, Martin Preuß, Amberg-Sulzbach, Heidi Rackl, Neumarkt i.d. OPf., Johann Renter, Regensburg, Marina Mühlbauer, Regensburg
SPD: Richard Gaßner, Kümmersbruck,Brigitte Scharf, Erbendorf
Freie Wähler:
Tanja Schweiger, Regensburg-Land, Dr. Andreas Michelson, Regensburg
Die Grünen:  Gabriele Bayer, Postbauer-Heng, Stefan Christoph, Regensburg
FDP:  Stefan Potschaski, Regenstauf
AFD: Dr. Wolfgang Pöschl, Dr. Karl Schmid, Weiden i.d.OPf

Together with the Bavarian Landtag, the Bezirkstag Oberpfalz is elected by the people in direct election every five years. Above all, persons with long-term experience in local affairs such as district administra­tors, mayors and members of district, municipal and town councils belong to the Bezirkstag.

The Bezirk Oberpfalz

forms – together with 223 municipalities, seven administrative districts and three urban districts – the third level of local government in the Oberpfalz.
It fulfills tasks which exceed the capacity of the administrative and urban districts, above all including the following:

  • social coverage of old persons, persons in need of care and disabled persons
  • care for the population on the psychiatric and neurologic field
  • consultancy of the Oberpfalz pond cultivators
  • conservation of the cultural diversity in the Oberpfalz
  • care for European cooperation

The fulfillment of these tasks is carried out by the following departments and institutions:

  • Bezirk Oberpfalz – Hauptverwaltung
    Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 14 93051 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/9100-0 hauptverwaltung@bezirk-oberpfalz.de
  • Bezirk Oberpfalz – Sozialverwaltung
    Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 14 93051 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/9100-0 sozialverwaltung@bezirk-oberpfalz.deBezirk Oberpfalz –
  • Bauverwaltung
    Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 14 93051 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/9100-1264
  • Medizinische Einrichtungen des Bezirks Oberpfalz GmbH (MedBO)
    • with Bezirksklinikum Regensburg
    • Bezirkskrankenhaus Parsberg
    • Bezirkskrankenhaus Wöllershof and locations in Weiden, Cham, Amberg 

      Central adress: Universitätsstraße 84 93053 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/941-0 info@medbo.de
  • Kulturverwaltung (Cultural Management)
    Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 14 93051 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/9100-1381
  • Sudetendeutsches Musikinstitut
    Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 14 93051 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/9100-1341
  • Oberpfälzer Freilandmuseum Neusath-Perschen
    (bei Nabburg) Neusath 200 92507 Nabburg Phone ++49 (0)9433/2442-0
    freilandmuseum@bezirk-oberpfalz.de www.freilandmuseum.org
  • Berufsfachschule für Musik 
    (Vocational school for music)
    Konrad-Mayer-Straße 2 92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg Phone ++49 (0)9661/3088
    bfsmusik@bezirk-oberpfalz.de www.bfsm-sulzbach.de
  • Fachberatung für Fischerei 
    (Expert advice für fishing)
    Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 14 93051 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/9100-1360 fachberatung@bezirk-oberpfalz.de
  • Teichwirtschaftlicher Beispielsbetrieb Wöllershof
    (Practical advice for fishing)
    92721 Störnstein Phone ++49 (0)9602/3672

The Bezirk Oberpfalz is the responsible body of the Zweckverband Sibyllenbad. In Neualbenreuth (administrative district Tirschenreuth), an „island of health and relaxation“ has been created only a few kilometres west of the world-famous Bohemian spas.
Zweckverband Sibyllenbad
Kurallee 1 95698 Neualbenreuth Phone ++49 (0)9638/933-0

The Bezirk Oberpfalz has also made an essential contribution to the development of the town of Bad Kötzting (administrative district Cham) into a modern Kneipp spa.

The Bezirk Oberpfalz moreover participates in the following administrative unions: 

  • Zweckverband Bayerische Musikakademie 
  • Schloss Alteglofsheim
  • Zweckverband Oberpfälzer Seenland