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Organs of the Bezirkstag

Bezirkstag Oberpfalz (legislative period 2023/2028):

The different political parties have following seats in the Bezirkstag Oberpfalz:
CSU 7, Freie Wähler (FW) 4, AfD 3 , Grüne 2 , SPD 1
Bezirkstag President: Franz Löffler (CSU)
Deputy of the Bezirkstag Vicepresident: Thomas Thumann (FW) 
Additional deputy: Lothar Höher (CSU)

Desk officers:
Desk officer for cultural affairs: Kerstin Radler (Freie Wähler) 
Desk officer for inclusion:  Martin Preuß (CSU) 
Desk officer for fishing and environment: Thomas Ebeling (CSU)

Committees of the Bezirkstag Oberpfalz:

  • District committee
  • Social welfare committee
  • Cultural committee
  • Accounting committee

Members of the Bezirkstag Oberpfalz 
(legislative period 2023/2028)

Franz Löffler, Bezirkstag President (CSU)
Thomas Thumann, Vice President, Neumarkt i. d. OPf. (FW)
Lothar Höher, Vice President, Weiden i.d. OPf. (CSU)

CSU: Bernadette Dechant, Thomas Ebeling, Roland Grillmeier, Martin Preuß, Heidi Rackl.
FW: Kerstin Radler, Tanja Schweiger, Richard Tischler
AfD: Dieter Arnold, Claudia Marino, Manfred Schiller
Bündnis 90/Die Grünen:  Gabriele Bayer, Wiebke Richter
SPD: Bruno Lehmeier

Together with the Bavarian Landtag, the Bezirkstag Oberpfalz is elected by the people in direct election every five years. Above all, persons with long-term experience in local affairs such as district administra­tors, mayors and members of district, municipal and town councils belong to the Bezirkstag.

The Bezirk Oberpfalz

forms – together with 223 municipalities, seven administrative districts and three urban districts – the third level of local government in the Oberpfalz.
It fulfills tasks which exceed the capacity of the administrative and urban districts, above all including the following:

  • social coverage of old persons, persons in need of care and disabled persons
  • care for the population on the psychiatric and neurologic field
  • consultancy of the Oberpfalz pond cultivators
  • conservation of the cultural diversity in the Oberpfalz
  • care for European cooperation

The fulfillment of these tasks is carried out by the following departments and institutions:

  • Bezirk Oberpfalz – Hauptverwaltung
    Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 14 93051 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/9100-0 poststelle@bezirk-oberpfalz.de
  • Bezirk Oberpfalz – Sozialverwaltung
    Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 14 93051 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/9100-0 poststelle@bezirk-oberpfalz.deBezirk Oberpfalz –
  • Bauverwaltung
    Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 14 93051 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/9100-1264
  • Medizinische Einrichtungen des Bezirks Oberpfalz GmbH (MedBO)
    • with Bezirksklinikum Regensburg
    • Bezirkskrankenhaus Parsberg
    • Bezirkskrankenhaus Wöllershof and locations in Weiden, Cham, Amberg 

      Central adress: Universitätsstraße 84 93053 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/941-0 info@medbo.de
  • Kulturverwaltung (Cultural Management)
    Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 14 93051 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/9100-1381
  • Sudetendeutsches Musikinstitut
    Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 14 93051 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/9100-1341
  • Oberpfälzer Freilandmuseum Neusath-Perschen
    (bei Nabburg) Neusath 200 92507 Nabburg Phone ++49 (0)9433/2442-0
    freilandmuseum@bezirk-oberpfalz.de www.freilandmuseum-oberpfalz.de
  • Berufsfachschule für Musik 
    (Vocational school for music)
    Konrad-Mayer-Straße 2 92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg Phone ++49 (0)9661/3088
    bfsmusik@bezirk-oberpfalz.de www.bfsm-sulzbach.de
  • Fachberatung für Fischerei 
    (Expert advice für fishing)
    Ludwig-Thoma-Straße 14 93051 Regensburg Phone ++49 (0)941/9100-1360 poststelle@bezirk-oberpfalz.de
  • Teichwirtschaftlicher Beispielsbetrieb Wöllershof
    (Practical advice for fishing)
    92721 Störnstein Phone ++49 (0)9602/3672

The Bezirk Oberpfalz is the responsible body of the Zweckverband Sibyllenbad. In Neualbenreuth (administrative district Tirschenreuth), an „island of health and relaxation“ has been created only a few kilometres west of the world-famous Bohemian spas.
Zweckverband Sibyllenbad
Kurallee 1 95698 Neualbenreuth Phone ++49 (0)9638/933-0

The Bezirk Oberpfalz has also made an essential contribution to the development of the town of Bad Kötzting (administrative district Cham) into a modern Kneipp spa.

The Bezirk Oberpfalz moreover participates in the following administrative unions: 

  • Zweckverband Bayerische Musikakademie
  • Schloss Alteglofsheim
  • Zweckverband Oberpfälzer Seenland