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The Sudeten German Institute of Music (SMI) was founded in order to research, document and promote the musical heritage and creative energies of the Bohemian lands in all their fullness from the Middle Ages to the present day, with particular reference to the population with German language, descent, or nationality. The work of the SMI, while focussing particularly on the closely knit German-Czech interrelationships, concerns an area of great importance to European culture as a whole.

The SMI collects music, specialist literature, manuscripts and documents of all types connected with the music of the Bohemian lands. The reference collection of its service-oriented library is accessible to all researchers and interested persons.


In cooperation with Czech colleagues, the SMI runs research projects of international significance, which explore and document the music of this cultural area according to best musicological practice. The SMI ensures that the knowledge thus gained is brought before the public as well, and in this respect the SMI fulfils an important mediatory role between German and Czech musical life. Our aim is to foster and give added impetus to the cultural activity and the mutual understanding of the respective groups, and promote collaboration on a variety of levels.


As part of its public relations programme, the SMI supports concerts and musical activities of all types whose topic or content has a particular connection with the cultural area, past or present. In this way we manifest our support for a plurality of musical styles, directions and forms of expression. As far as resources permit, the SMI also acts as concert promoter and as initiator and supporter of events.



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